Image Source: VSCO/Image by papabear

If these blooms could talk I think they’d say, “we want to be cosmic and earthy!” That’s what I felt today when meditating on a fat orchid that’s half magenta, half white, yin, yang, JOYOUS. Espousing these multifaceted emotional characteristics into a day is the goal. Always.

It’s now October and the last few weeks have been a hodgepodge of writing, travel and a podcast that I’m very excited about sharing with you in the coming week. I always feel hopeful about this time of the year; it feels abundant, it feels prosperous. All the qualities I associate with strength. And with strength, comes potency and a curvy litheness of soul.

The oil that helps me and hopefully you persist in this embodied lane is patchouli. When you smell it or wear it, you get to hit parts of the brain that release endorphins and interact with receptors in cells, which make you feel all of the aforementioned juiciness. Forget musty hippie connations (or embrace them), patchouli is the oil of love and digging deep. The raucousness of emotions provoked by it (ya’ll love it, or ya’ll hate it) can therapeutically address imbalances of Kapha (lethargy and sluggishness) according to the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic medicine. With an affinity to the earth, patchouli taps into our inherent primordial energy. So cosmic and earthy? Hell yeah.

Blends beautifully with: Geranium, Bergamot, Vetiver, Rose, and Vanilla.