Ninth Month, New Oils!

Image Source: VSCO/Image by willemdouven

Hey hey, aroma souls! It’s September. Finally. I actually couldn’t be happier that the ninth month of the year is here. The impending change of season and the chance to strengthen a connection with myself and the Earth is palpably exciting whenever it comes around as viscerally as it feels right now (more on that later this month).

With that in mind, I’ve concocted a blend that will support a change in all the pie charts spinning around in your precious life. Personally, when I want to be more present in my days, I’ll meditate for a few minutes before anointing (well who else is gonna think I’m a QUEEN if I don’t) my body with my blend, and then charge wholeheartedly out into the day or night; oils have a unique way of giving you a big dose of oomph!

Ninth Month Blend

• Cedarwood, 20 drops
• Fennel, 8 drops
• Bergamot, 19 drops
• Geranium, 10 drops
• 60ml carrier oil of your choice (I love the neutrality of grapeseed oil as a carrier)

Blend the oils into your chosen carrier oil and massage wherever you fancy, paying special attention to the back of the neck, behind the ears, jawline, and chest. If you’re confused about the essential-oil-to-carrier-oil dilution, have a read of this piece I wrote recently for British Vogue which explains it pretty simply! Would love to know if you make this blend and how you feel on it too…


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