Rosa Hoskins on Grief, Aftershave and The Power of Lipstick​ – S1, E1

Grief, eh? The weirdest of beasts. And also, the grand facilitator of so much magic. Case in point; May 2018, a wedding in London, and the meeting of minds, hearts and two really really tall women. Rosa Hoskins makes it hard not to be immediately captivated. She’s warm, she’s present, she’s funny, and she wears her emotions as easily as your fave pair of slouchy jeans and perfect white tee.

When you’ve lost a parent, gravitating towards kindred spirits happens often and instantaneously. It’s as if your bodies know before your minds do that you should be in each others presence.

Suffice to say we became fast and firm friends, recorded a podcast together pretty soon after meeting (she graciously agreed to be my first interview) and went deep. Real deep. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I enjoyed having it. It’s not a straightforward listen in many ways, and yet in Rosa’s hands, trauma and pain become wonderfully legible. Check out her blog for more magic. Oh, and if it resonates, please do leave a review on iTunes ( Thank you!

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  • Owanto Berger

    Intimate thoughts become public while memories and wisdom are being shared with much love and humor. I truly enjoyed listening. I lost my dad when I was very young and all of this resonate and actually brings back the magic. Thank you.


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