Resistance Is Your Calling Card

Gosh, the last few weeks I thought I was at an impasse. Scrap that. NEAR FUC@*N! END. LIFE’S OVER, DONTCHA KNOW? A violent scrap at the gym with a cable cord + forced bed rest = me wanting to crawl out the very skin I usually am flowing freely in. Movement is our superpower, the thing we can do at any time, anywhere, any which way we want. I do however subscribe to the fated and maybe romantic notion that life stops you in your tracks just when you need it most. Doesn’t mean I like it. One bit.

In these times of forceful resistance to the moment, when everything gets foggy, mired in the wavy abyss, the only thing that calms me is smell. Yup, I want to be one with the sentient beings, because then I get to be one with myself. I want to embrace my juiciness and absolutely everything that I deem emotionally broken in truly frightening periods of physical impediment. The challenge to listen to these feelings, yearnings and as-is’s ain’t easy, but I ask myself this: Can I be my community, my cheerleader, my Northern Star? Absolutely. All these sparkling acts of existing in the world bring me back to the very moment I’m in. You know, the one where potency feels as tangible as a hummingbird. Or if you’re feeling more low-key, as fizzy as a freshly poured Perrier. And boy do the oils help — a LOT.

Resistance Blend

• Rose, 2 drops

Ah, rose. Everyone has known one. Heart-soother, calmer, allayer of the freakiest of fears, the world’s fave flower connects us back to anything we may have forgotten or want to remember with one mere sniff or misty-eyed gaze. Plus, who doesn’t think of LOVE when they think of a rose. And love is always needed in a blend.

• Sandalwood, 13 drops

Grounding, warming, balancing, I dare you not to feel infinitely less stress-y and seduced after smelling the soaring (you’ll feel that deep down) creamy (smell) offerings from this resinously (and sadly increasingly rare) magical tree. 

• Blood Orange, 15 drops

Oooof, blood orange espouses joy and optimism like nobody’s business. Cheering everything she touches and everywhere she goes, this fruity number will also help you feel calmer and in the mood for a good night’s kip — where all the best healing happens.

• 60ml carrier oil of your choice

Blend the oils into your chosen carrier oil or scrap that, and pour a few drops of the mix into a ceramic burner/diffuser. I’m all about the 360-degree approach, which means that this combo goes in the bath, on my body, on tissues, heck, in every nook and cranny essential oils can be safely put. And as often as possible.


Image Source: VSCO/Image by laraaustinshoop

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