This Is How You Use Essential Oils + Body Tapping for Stress Busting – S1, E2

Essential oils and energy work go together like mac and cheese. Avo and toast. Barack and Michelle. You get my drift. They COMPLIMENT each other. In this episode of the podcast, I sat down with Lara Riggio, an energy healer from New York city who combines the time-honored techniques of tapping and acupressure point activation with aromatherapy.

In this episode, we pull apart stress and anxiety, while Lara explains how her particular patterns of bodywork in conjunction with essential oils, can be to help with adrenal fatigue, immune-boosting, and self-acceptance.

You’ll find Lara’s website fascinating, along with all the exercises we talked about HERE. I mentioned two of my favorite companies for buying oils too; check out Star Child in the UK and Stillpoint Aromatics in the US.

Image Source: VSCO/Image

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